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Our motto is to bring talent forward and connect with them.

We Create a Platform- Where people speak direct Truth and straight Forward.


Day Today Life Work Matters


In Everyday Life what you Eat, with whom you spend time, thats effect on your life for long term. 

Achieve your Goal


People achieve very much with very little always be very Extra-ordinary. 

Choose your Passion which makes you happy . Do work whatever makes you happy that will take you happy life. 

life is special with many direction.


Individual achievement, science , innovation, Technology, Passion  Towards your Goal , Understanding, Complete  Importance in the Universe, with all, The Wold is Beautiful and  - To create a Beautiful world  with your inner strength and your own Love, 

good thoughts .

I am still searching a Book How to be a legend.

There is no book I still Find it anywhere to becoming legend but what I found, that In History those known as a legend is actually a ruler and rule to other's and later people started calling them Legend. 

So No one is Legend on the earth. 

Do You Believe In Luck ??

Luck is nothing but all your Thinking - 

When you appreciate what you have in your life - you feel you are the most Luckiest person on the earth. 

But When you always Criticize  to your own life - that what you don't have it, From the moment you start feeling unlucky- 

Luck is nothing But its your own thought's.

Compare Good vs Bad

People are comparing each other - 

No one is powerful on the Earth - 

We all are human with Strength and Weaknesses.

Life is struggle -accept challenge and face it together.


what Struggle means ??

Look for Challenge - Start Tomorrow with All new Again.



What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


Goal and Focus

Focus On you Goal And Appreciate what you have and work with it. 

And Without Find fault work with. your Talent- and work with energy and Courage. And  Get ready for Competition .

Challenges and success is pathway of life



Start Your Tomorrow with New Challenge -

If Things Happen in right way its okay - if not than Try Again.

There is always Supreme Power is some Form Will Help you.


Try EveryDay

You can't Find Pearls Easily in Ocean, You have to go deep in it-

without Searching and Hardworking- No One Will Praise you.



Success is Comes from Path of Failure- 

My father is beautiful and wonderful Failure and Make a Source of Million's to be a successful  Named Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya.

He repeating Failure - and Open a successful path for Millions before Leave the world.


grow food,


Right Experience

Having Gut's To making a Right Decision comes from  Path of Failure. 

Life is Learning - Don't be Afraid of being a Failure 



Choose Future and Career Which you Love it, And Help and encourage other's with your Dream. 

My mother - Ram Pyari Punmiya Died in my Early- 20's- I learned a Truth to Survive From that Early Experience - Learn to Survive In situation.



We experience many Idea's and Thought's In to reality for Success. Beside's Idea and Success - First Believe in to Humanity. .Everything you will achieve- world will give their Judgement in Good and Bad way.  

But with Humanity You will Survive In every Situation.

Learning from Observation

Be Brave


Be Brave - Because world is keep Changing- now we are living in world - which is very Innovative. 



Believe in spirituality. My Father Pukraj Raichand Punmiya - was a great Friend of  Mahatma Gandhi- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi -He taught us  poverty and power -Don't allow this two things to overtake your Emotions.

Self Observation


Use your Faith and encouragement to make other life- 

To burn Forest take one day.

To Make Forest Took Many Years to make it happen in to Beautiful World .

Encourage to All of You



We all get One Beautiful Life to live in this world.

And  World is Circle- where we Start life at Circle and End up with same circle.

Love And Kindness


love Is not Coming From Idea's and Knowledge. Love is not coming from technology. 

Love is Inside in you, You just have Love and Compassion for your dream, So Choose Future and Dream which You Truly Love it.



Use your Energy and Faith To millions.

Look Life in to special way and learn from life everyday and Respect it. 

Life is for Learning Everyday. 



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Focus On your Goal - When You walk, You will Find Many Difficulties and Failures- Take it out the impossible word from Dictionary . Because Nothing is Impossible in the world,.



Winner Never Quit, 

Looser always Give Reason's 

while successful people are too busy to achieve their Goal. 

Don't Be A Looser - Be A winner .

Career - success- failuret



I start My Career at Early Age, and I fall in love at Age of 18 - I saw a My Girlfriend - want to buy Bike but Couldn't Afford it- due to big family and Everyone's Responsibility.

Later In my upper 20's she come in my shop for Buying Gold Necklace - today also world Known as my Wife  as  Pawanbai Parasmal Punmiya. 

Fear and Failure


If you Can't get out from the thought of Fear and Failure Situation, than Highest Possibility that everything will go wrong with all Hardworking.

So Live with Hope and Courage to Make World Better and Bring Change Together.



Every Successful Person Learn From Failure.

Never Underestimate Anyone  in Life- 

Respect People respect world - all have abilities to do Something and grow with their capacity.

So our Goal Is to Encourage our youngster.

Things to Remember


Never Forget where You come from and how you become Successful. 

Its Very Important to Remember what you are.

Live life without having Negative Thought's


When You think - Its Hard - Its More Challenging When your own mind  blocked with a Thought's that Its really hard.  so break the though inside in you it's hard- try it with a thought I can do it .

When Truth Comes - Many Fake Belief automatically shuttered.


Truth is that  If you touch Fire, It will Burn your Hand, 

and Inside Fake belief shuttered Itself that Nothing happen with fire. 

Truth -  Is Power which Break all false belief sooner or later . 

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Live Life With What you Enjoy


When You Enjoy what you have - than You will come up with Best Performance.

Searching For Success


Success is always Comes from Every Small things.

When you started believe that Everything is Easy - you r learning path turn to be easier for you and you and achieve success one day.



If you want to success you have to go through good and bad experience in your life .

Our Mind more Thinking In form of Image - and Image takes years to built.

Positive Thinking Comes from Positivity.


Every Good Things Remain In your Mind for few days- 

If you want to do everyday Positive Thinking everyday - Start Doing With Positive mind track and with Positive People Only. 



Health is the biggest wealth, If You want to be healthy - but to maintain everyday good health - 

Than Take time everyday minimum one hour and spend Time on your Health.

Our Mind Is work Like a tree


Mind is  working like a tree - once you started Thinking of work every thoughts again give's you many other thought's and thought multiplied in to again  several thought's.

Life with three stages

Beginning - our own soul


Our Own Soul is our priority. 

Live life with open heart and helping other's .

Mid stage - Money and Luxury


Money Luxury Relatives  Spouse Kids - all walk with us.

But at the end near by Our Death we Have to Left Everything - Handover the world and leave alone. 

Final stage


A st

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Eco- System


Eco- Friendly System and  Environment is very Important for Better World.

And we all come together to save Water.

Save Trees and Save water and make world Eco Friendly. 



Experience comes from Competition. 

Enter in Healthy Competition, and Best Competition take you to Global Level. 

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